Accessibility at WSU Tech

Roles and Responsibilities


Role of Accessibility Committee Members

  • Recommendations/approval for continuous improvement of the WSU Tech Accessibility Plan

  • Lead assigned academic department level accessibility processes and activities

  • Collaborate with faculty and Deans to ensure program/discipline accessibility goals are met

  • Complete the Foundations of Accessibility training course

  • Facilitate accessibility training sessions

  • Learn how to utilize the Bb Ally software

  • Provide mentoring/training for faculty on the accessibility processes/activities at faculty events including but not limited to Bootcamp, In-Service, Adjunct In-Service etc.

  • Coordinate with the appropriate Dean to write the department level accessibility report and submit to the Chair, Accessibility Committee by the due date

  • Review and approve the Institutional Accessibility Report


Role of Accessibility Committee Chair

  • Facilitate Accessibility Committee meetings

  • Write the Institutional Accessibility Report

  • Collaborate with the Deans and Accessibility Committee members to ensure all Accessibility planning and reporting timelines are met

  • Collaborate with ITAS to ensure Accessibility Training materials are available

  • Represent WSU Tech in the WSU Accessibility Committee


Role of Faculty/Lead Faculty

  • Obtain VPAT from vendors for all vendor created instructional materials

  • Ensure vendor materials meet accessibility requirements

  • Participate in ITAS training events on accessibility

  • Ensure instructional content meets accessibility requirements per the approved timeline

  • Learn and utilize Bb Ally software to ensure instructional content meets accessible standards

  • Report accessibility data accurately and timely


Role of Academic Deans

  • Collaborate with Faculty and Accessibility Committee members to ensure the department meets college accessibility goals

  • Coordinate with the appropriate Accessibility  Committee member to write the department level accessibility report and submit to the Chair, Accessibility  Committee by the due date


Role of ITAS

  • Create and facilitate accessibility training events that meet the approved accessibility timeline

  • Provide training for new faculty on accessibility  at Teaching Academy and other new faculty events

  • Integrate Bb Ally into WSU Tech instance of Bb

  • Provide training on Bb Ally

  • Provide design services to assist faculty as they update course to meet accessibility requirements

  • Provide design services that meet the accessibility requirements for new design projects


Role of Director, Disability Services

  • Provide expertise to the group on disability issues

  • Provide the link between accessibility and accommodation requirements

  • Provide training as necessary