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The icons below indicate how easy or hard the method/tool is to utilize.

This method/tool will be the easiest to use of the other options presented.

This method/tool is considered medium difficulty to use compared to the other options.

This method/tool is considered the most difficult to use compared to all other options presented.

Blackboard assignments tool is a great way to capture your students work in a place where you can review and track your student’s work. Assignment drop boxes have many tools and features to help you assess your student’s work and understanding of material. You will see links below on how to create an assignment drop box as well as how to manage all the features available to assist you in management and tracking of student’s work. The links below will take you step by step through each topic. There are more links on the main “Blackboard Assignments Help Page” to assist you in more features available to you.

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  • Bb Test

Blackboard offers a variety of ways to assess students. Entering tests into Blackboard is a bit time consuming and can be a little frustrating. The videos and documents below will help guide your through the process of creating tests in Blackboard. The training will also include how to deploy (make available) the assessments to the student. The video link below is for general information on how to create a test. The web link below will have all the information needed right down to how to create and edit all types of questions.

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Test Surveys and Pools – Be sure to use the advice and instructions for the “Original Course View” and NOT “Ultra Course View.”  

  • Converting Tests in Respondus

Respondus is a wonderful tool to either create embed or retrieve exams to and from Blackboard. You will find this method much easier to format than the time you will take in creating and editing tests in Blackboard. You use Microsoft Word to type up your tests in a format that Respondus will recognize. If you choose to use this tool you must format the Word document correctly. The link below will take you to the document that will explain formatting.

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Microsoft Word Format Instructions

  • Softchalk

SoftChalk is the fast and easy way for you to create high quality, online lessons that are interactive and that engage students whether for skills training, content support for adjunct faculty, affordable content alternatives for learners or content for a variety of non-academic orientation and training requirements. Softchalk provides a way to keep all of your lesson material and assessment all in the same place. See below for a samples of Softchalk Lessons.

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Web Links:

Software Download:

If you would like to use Softchalk, you can download the software here and install it on any computer. We have an enterprise license so no cost to you.

  • TechSmith Relay

Techsmith Relay is a tool you can use to capture, edit, and caption videos for your class. This service has been provided to you by WSU Tech. Storage space is unlimited. Techsmith Relay also provides an assessment tool so quizzes and or knowledge checks can be placed into a video at any point. You can set the quiz so the student cannot continue until an answer is answered correctly.  This tool is already available to you on the course menu in Blackboard.

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  • 3rd Party Content Assessments

Many of the the textbook publishers and third party content providers have assessments available in the form of test banks.  These are often available through test generator software like ExamView, TestGen, Diploma, Cognero or Respondus.  These test banks can then be exported out of the software in a Blackboard format, often as a zip file.  Sometimes the publisher will provide test bank already exported in Blackboard format.  You then can import the zip file in to Blackboard to use as a test bank or pool to build an quiz, test or exam in Blackboard for studenst to take.

Refer to the link below for instructions on how to import test banks in to Blackboard.  The instructions are for ExamView but similar for other test genration software.