Hi Misty!

I was really surprised not to find a walkthrough here, or solutions to some of the very few problems that people will run into doing this swap. At least a few I ran into that I don’t think were ever addressed. So, I did one of my experience, doing mine. Anyone that has changed an engine before should have no problems. Other than pulling the front end, I would rate the job between medium and hard for someone that never tried it.

You need to find a motor from these 3.0-liter donor cars

99-03 Mitsubishi Galant

00-05 Mitsubishi Eclipse

01-05 Dodge Stratus coupe

01-05 Chrysler Sebring coupe


There may be more, research it. You can buy one already pulled at local scrap yards. I got mine already pulled at an insurance claim salvage yard. (declared totaled) This will work in the 1g Sebring convertibles with the 2.5 Mitsubishi motor. There are 2 options you need to choose from, after that it’s the same as a straight engine swap. It will work on other 2.5’s but this is a Sebring convertible site.

Read through the install a couple times to make sure you have a complete understanding of what it involves.