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Chad Littlefield Resources

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How to Make Virtual Engagement Easy

Chad Littlefield is hosting 6 sessions for WSU Tech Faculty on how to make virtual engagement easy with unofficial starts, context hooks, context before content, content, and closing tips and tricks. This page will be updated as new resources from Chad's sessions are made available.

Looking for the session recordings? Contact your Dean for a link. 

Jump to a session by selecting the link below.

Session 1: Kickoff Workshop Resources

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Video: How Can Active Participation in Meetings be Encouraged?

This 10 minute video provides a snapshot of the 5 ingredients we set the foundation for in Session 1.

Session 2: Unofficial Starts Resources

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Video: Unofficial Start Art

This 10 minute long video provides creative ways to engage with students with the Art of Connection activity.

Video: 4 Activities with We! Connect Cards

This 12 minute long video reviews 4 activities to use with the We! Connect Cards to form a group bond in a remote environment.

Website Activity: We! Engage Cards

Need ideas on how to use your We! Engage Cards? Find engaging exercises on this website.

Website Activity: Word Circles

Word Circle activity provided by playmeo.

Activity Description: Crossword Names

Supply a large number of cards or tiles which represent the letters of the alphabet. As people arrive, invite them to use these letters to spell their name on a flat surface. As more people join, invite them to intersect the letters of their name with those of others in a crossword-like pattern, eg M-A-R-K can criss-cross A-N-G-E-L-A in one of two places.

Website Activity: Wordles

Wordles activity provided by playmeo.

Activity Description: Video

Play an entertaining or relevant video as your group arrives. While not particularly interactive, this strategy will immediately engage those who are present and possibly cut down on the meaningless chatter that can sometimes stall an on-time start. Or invite the group to find a relevant or entertaining video to share with someone else.

Activity Description: Story Reading (or Telling)

As above, but read a story. Be sure to choose a story that is not only entertaining but fun. People of all ages love to be read to and this experience occurs rarely for adults these days. Delight your next group with a short, yet fun story. Even better, pick a story that connects with the intent of your program. If you are virtual or hybrid, go into “podcast mode” by shutting all cameras off.

Activity Description: Show & Tell

Everyone has something to show, tell or teach another person. When facilitated upfront, this exercise is a powerful way to inject some much-needed energy, not to mention leverage the opportunity for people to make connections with others.

Website Activity: Alphabet Equations

Alphabet Equations activity provided by playmeo.

Activity Description: Pixelated Pictures

Invite the group to find an image on your phone that connects to a story they are willing to share. Pair up and exchange the stories behind the pictures.

Session 3: Content Hooks Resources

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Video: 8 Powerful Openings to Start a Class

This 15 minute long video will teach you important ways on how to facilitate cooperative learning in a team.

Video: How to Keep Audience Attention with Context Hooks

This 17 minute long video provides different ways to keep audience attention during a presentation.

Website Activity: Peter Block's 4 Engagement/Ownership Questions

Four questions to reflect on, adapted from the work of Peter Block. 

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Session 4: Connection before Content Resources

Video: Connection Before Content in a Nutshell

This 10 minute long video provides an icebreaker to warm up any meeting.

Video: How to Build Connection Quickly but Effectively

This 8 minute long video provides important tips on how to build strong personal connections quickly and effectively.

Video: How Do You Facilitate Learning in a Classroom?

This 10 minute long video provides 4 different exercises you can try out to facilitate learning in an online environment in an engaging manner.

Session 5: Content Resources

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Book Recommendation: Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip Heath & Dan Heath 

Select the book title above to read more about the book recommendation on Amazon.

Video: How to Make a Presentation More Interactive

This 12 minute long video provides different ways to make a presentation more interactive so your audience doesn't get bored. 

Video: How to Use the 5 Senses to Reset Audience Attention

This 7 minute long video reviews how to engage with your audience during a presentation to keep them focused using their 5 senses.

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Session 6: Closing Resources

Video: 4 Powerful Closing Exercises

This 8 minute long video will teach you 4 great closing exercises to utilize in the classroom.

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