Preparing to Teach Online

  • Tips for Preparing the Content

How to Convert a Face-to-Face Class to Online/Remote Learning 

Dr. Luke Hobson 

Learn some fast tips for converting your face-to-face content to an online course. Check the highlighted areas for a quick preview. 

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Moving Instruction Online Quickly Checklist 

This infographic checklist is an organizational tool. 

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Six Tips for Preparing Your Online Course-Infographic

This infographic contains tips on preparing to move your face-2-face content to an online environment. Lots of information presented in a visual format.

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The DIY Guide to Converting Existing Content into an eLearning Course

This is an eLearning blog from SH!FT Disruptive Learning provides five tips for moving content to online from Face-2-Face.

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Designing Great Assignments

Understanding how to build effective assignments is an essential piece of moving from face-2-face to online. This infographic gives an overview of well-designed assignments.

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Absorb, Do, Connect

Horton’s model, Absorb, Do, Connect, is the college’s learning framework. This infographic gives a quick overview/reminder of the three components of this model.

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  • Tips for Preparing the Student to Learn online

How to Prepare Students for Successful Online Learning

It’s important to prepare students for taking online courses, this is an essential piece to help students be successful. The blog provides ideas/strategies you can use to help your students succeed in your online course.

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What Makes a Successful Online Student?

The University of Illinois, Springfield explains the expectations and qualities of a successful online student.

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Prepare Students for Online Learning

Emmanuel College, Boston provides an in-depth web page for strategies to be successful in online courses. The information on this page is useful for students to understand how to prepare for and complete online classes.

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  • Tips for an Effective Virtual Sessions

Leading Successful Virtual Classroom Sessions

This article provides some helpful tips for leading virtual classroom sessions.

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6 Tips To Design Interactive Virtual Classroom Training

Virtual classroom training offers a variety of benefits to organizations. However, performance goals can only be achieved if the design and development process is carried out effectively.

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LinkedIn Learning: Leading Virtual Meetings

This online course discusses how to effectively conduct virtual meetings. It is broken into several short video clips covering specific topics on leading virtual meetings.

*You will need a LinkedIn Account to access this course.

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  • Tips for Face-to-Face Faculty Moving to the Online Environment

Transition from Tradition: 9 Tips for successfully moving your face-to-face course online

This article from eLearn Magazine gives tips for moving from face-2-face to the online class.

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Tips for Humanizing Your Online Course

Adding a personal touch to your online course is just as important as in your face-2-face classroom. This article from Faculty Focus gives tips for adding the personal touch to your online class.

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10 Best Practices To Be An Effective Online Teacher

It’s no secret that effective teachers are paramount to effective learning in the classroom, and in the case of online studies, the teaching principles and methods they use are even more important. Here are 10 best practices to be an effective online teacher.

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  • Training you can Access

PRD Courses 

  • WSUTech in house training session PRD 115 112, 113, 114 (See an ITAS team member or an advisor to enroll in these courses.) 

Blackboard Help

  • Blackboard help site

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