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PRD Course

Foundations Courses focus on training instructors how to navigate and use technology. New hires receive training on using the WSU Tech network, intranet, and Blackboard. Other courses focus on best practices for teaching online courses.

Do you want to learn more about how to web-enhance your f2f course? How about hybrid and online instruction?

Enroll today for one of the Foundations classes by choosing your track of interest (Click on course title for a description):

Note: Foundations of Instructional Practice: Online/Hybrid is the required course for faculty who wish to teach online/hybrid courses at WSU Tech.  Faculty may take PRD 115 and complete the course in 8 weeks.   Faculty may also opt to take longer to complete the course content by enrolling in PRD 112, 113 and 114 (the three together equal the requirements in PRD 115).  Each course in the series ( PRD 112, 113, 114) is 8 weeks long, must be taken in order, and one at a time. 

If you have previous training teaching in an online environment, please provide Trish Schmidt, Dean of Academic Services, with the necessary credentials to waive requirement for the Hybrid /Online training. 


Classes start regularly with only 15 spots available per class. Sign up today to reserve your space.
Contact for more information.

To enroll please contact an advisor in Student Services.

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