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In-Service Session Descriptions

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Full-Time Faculty In-Service will take place on August 11th and 12th at NCAT. You will find the agenda for in-service on the Faculty In-Service page of the Café. Session descriptions for the event are below.

If you have any questions please email

August 11th

IDI Cultural Workshops Morning & Afternoon Sessions

Audience: Faculty, Program Directors, Discipline Chairs, and Deans.

Please check your WSU Tech email for an invitation from Crystal Aluko.

Presented by: Crystal Aluko

Description: The IDI is the premier, cross-cultural assessment of intercultural competence that is used by thousands of individuals and organizations to build intercultural competence to achieve diversity and inclusion goals and outcomes. This tool is used as a method of measuring the perceived and actual levels of intercultural competence for individuals and groups. It assesses our capability to shift cultural perspective and appropriately adapt behavior to cultural differences and commonalities. 

About the Presenter:

Crystal Aluko is the Director of Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity.

August 12th

Ask Powerful Questions: Create Conversations that Matter

Presented by: Chad Littlefield


Description: How many questions do you ask in a day?

In a world where answers are cheap and we can easily ask Google the distance from Timbuktu to Kathmandu, Chad Littlefield, TEDx speaker and bestselling author, will share how the questions we ask matter more than ever.

During this session, you will takeaway instantly useful tools to ask smarter questions that can transform transactions into meaningful and memorable interactions.


About the Presenter:

Chad Littlefield is the co-founder and Chief Experience Officer of We and Me - an organization whose mission is to help leaders, educators, and events make connection easy.

Ride the Tide Round Robin Breakout Sessions

From 9:25-11:25am on August 11th, you will Ride the Tide!

The Ride the Tide Round Robin is a two-hour event taking place in the Student Commons and in the Auditorium. The assessment piece of this event will take place in the Auditorium (40 minutes) with Shelby Lowen as your facilitator. Check the In-Service agenda for the time you should be working with Shelby. The rest of the Round Robin will be in the Student Commons (and hallways) working through 10 different learning stations. It will take about 8 minutes to get through each station. Be sure to get you passport filled out before you move on to the next station. Filled out passports can be turned in for door prizes!

The following topics will be presented during the Ride the Tide Round Robin. Select the title to view the description.

Get your ASSESS in Gear!

Presented by: Shelby Lowen

Description: A new 3-year assessment plan will be unveiled along with professional development opportunities for the upcoming academic year. To support the new plan and PD, faculty now have access to the “Assessment in ACTION” Blackboard organization, which will serve as a resource repository and a tracker of assessment ACTION activity. Additionally, faculty will analyze and align their current assessment practices and learning activities with their respective program outcomes and courses.

About the Presenter:

Shelby Lowen joined WSU Tech in 2012 as Lead Math Faculty and currently serves as the Director of Assessment and Accreditation. Shelby’s background includes 16 years in Secondary Education and ten years in Post-Secondary Education, including six years as faculty.


Showcase Breakout Sessions

Packback presented by Diana Holladay

Are you reading mediocre discussion responses? Are you wishing students would be more engaged in your online class discussions? We have an alternative to the traditional Blackboard discussion board: Packback. Packback is a discussion tool that looks and acts like social media, something we know our students interact with multiple times a day. WSU Tech instructors currently using Packback report increased student engagement, more in-depth, thought-provoking posts, as well as improved critical thinking and writing skills. Stop by the Packback session to learn more.

About the Presenter: Diana Holladay is a career educator with experience with multiple levels: K-12 and higher education. Diana has been with WSU Tech for five years as an instructional designer in the ITAS (Instructional Technology and Academic Support) department.  Her focus is implementing educational tools to add both variety and application into course curriculum. “I want students to work hard, come away with new knowledge and skills, but not realize how hard they’re working because learning is so engaging.”

Student Facing Ally Tools presented by Krystal Iseminger

Ever wonder why you do so much work to make those Ally meters green? It's all about the output! This session dives into the different ways Ally helps your students via the Alternative format tool. Learn more about what formats are available and get tips on how to drive students towards this valuable resource that has benefits for all learners. 

About the Presenter: Krystal is a beach-loving Aquarius with a passion for accessibility, well-designed courses, and tiki drinks with little umbrellas! When she's not soaking up ring light rays while creating accessibility trainings, she likes to get cozy with course reviews and a smooth bossa nova beat. Favorite catchphrase: Say Aloha to Ally!

Classroom Management presented by Monica Stewart

This session will focus on classroom management strategies to start your semester off on the right foot. Time will be spent discussing tips, tricks and protocols to minimize drama and maximize the learning experience in your classrooms and labs. Bring your impossible questions and we will find answers together!

About the Presenter: Monica Stewart is the Director of Instructional Design. She has been at WSU Tech for ten years, previously in the role of Executive Director of Strategic Innovations, Director of Assessment and New Program Development, and Instructional Designer. Monica has a passion for teaching and learning with a particular interest in promoting training opportunities that incorporate state of the art educational technology to meet future workplace needs. Monica is an early riser and an avid reader. She is married to her high school sweetheart and has three, school aged children. As a family, the Stewarts enjoy camping, hiking, and all things outdoor.

LinkedIn Learning presented by Misty Taylor

Did you know LinkedIn Learning video courses have been available to faculty and students for FREE since 2020? With the new Blackboard integration, it’s now easier than ever to add professional videos on a wide variety of subjects to your course, and it syncs with your gradebook! Come by this station to learn how to get access to LinkedIn Learning and how to add videos to your course.

About the Presenter: Misty Taylor has been with WSU Tech for 3 years. She began as the Coordinator for ITAS and is now an Instructional Designer. Misty is an alumni of Emporia State University and Flint Hills Technical College. In her spare time, Misty enjoys painting, cross-stitching, playing video games, and running amok with her 3 pets.

Panopto presented with a video presentation.

Panopto is a software tool that can be used for recording or uploading lectures and slides, screencasting, video streaming, or embedding videos with content in Blackboard. Panopto videos also can contain additional content such as notes, bookmarks, and quizzes. This software is available to all WSU Tech Faculty and Staff. Come to this session to learn more!

FutureMaker presented by Greg Schmidt, James Aschenbrenner, Sam Luttrell, Arty Serna, Levi Stanyer, and Bailey Cosby

Learn what the FutureMaker Mobile Learning Lab provides for WSU Tech and its faculty!

About Greg: Greg is our FutureMaker Lab Program Director. He is responsible for the FutureMaker Program, scheduling events, aligning team schedules with events, assigning tasks, training, and development of new activities and content for students and teachers alike!

About James: James is a former substitute teacher, and a graduate of Wichita State University with a degree in Electronic Media. His classroom experience helps him with our Face-to-Face events, while his media background lends itself to our Digital Content Services and Livestreams.

About Sam: Sam is the newest member of the team, and a business marketing graduate from Wichita State University. His theater experience and penchant for hands-on projects provide an engaging learning experience for all.

About Arty: Arty is attending WSU Tech studying for an Associates in Cyber Security. She is currently working as a Tech Support and Event Specialist. Her knowledge of computers and technology keeps our program running smoothly. She is also bilingual, which allows her to present to students in both English and Spanish.

About Levi: Levi is currently studying Marketing at Emporia State University. He easily connects with our participants and assists them in learning about the varied Career Technical programs available.

About Bailey: Bailey is working toward a Business Administration degree at Emporia State University. He has a strong background in performing arts. Bailey has used his skills to make our programs entertaining and educational for the students.

VR Power presented by Jacob Buck

The Virtual Reality Demonstration is to show off emerging VR technologies that could be used at the college. Virtual Reality allows for a user to have a more hands on experience with learning materials for a course without being physically in a space or having materials, as it is all digitally simulated. The demonstration will be going over Engage VR, a software that allows a user to teach a course in a virtual classroom where students can interact with one another without being together in person. The instructor can also use resources such as pulling in 3d models for the class to study, pull students into a theater to watch videos for the course, and classroom materials such as a digital whiteboard that students and instructor can use. We will also be talking about how a student can access the course even if they don’t or can’t use a virtual reality headset to keep the class as open as possible.

About the Presenter: Jacob Buck is the Technology Coordinator with ITAS and has been working with them for 4 months. Jacob is a alumni from Wichita State University studying in 3d Animation alongside experience in film making and game design.  In his free time Jacob enjoys movie watching, playing video games, and practices animating and modeling for film and game design.

ITAS Tech Team Services presented by Cliff Nelson

Learn about the initiatives, current services, and technology that involves ITAS Media Services. This will be a brief look into the inner workings of Instructional technologies and the services available to enhance your environment.  

About the Presenter: Cliff Nelson is the director of Instructional Technologies and has been an advocate for technology since his youth. Serving in the Air Force, he gained a passion for technology and education. His current role affords him the freedom to research, test, and implement different technologies. His challenge to you is to present opportunities for Instructional Technologies to serve you, in any setting. 

Class for Zoom presented by Casey Eubank

Join this session to learn more about Class for Zoom, a virtual learning platform that is like Zoom on steroids! Class for Zoom can be set up within your Blackboard course(s) and allows you to:

- Maximize Student Engagement – Provide an interactive, connected learning experience with tools to track student focus and for students to provide feedback

- Manage Courses – Take attendance and facilitate one-on-one discussions – all without leaving Zoom

- Improve Instruction - Personalize learning in dynamic and engaging ways, such as guided website-sharing and guided displaying of videos.

- Measure Student Contribution - Track and report on course metrics, including participation and speaking time, by student or the entire class.

About the Presenter: Casey  Eubank  is  starting his 15th year as the  Learning  Management  System (LMS)  Administrator  at  WSU  Tech and is a member of the Instructional Technology & Academic Support (ITAS) department.  He has  20  years  of  LMS  experience  including: WebCT, ANGEL and Blackboard (Bb).  Eubank is the President of the Kansas Blackboard Users Group (K-BUG), member of the Blackboard Leadership Circle, an active  member  of  the  Bb  Listservs  and  a  Bb  Certified   Trainer.

Simple Syllabus presented by Strap Nkoba

Simple Syllabus is software that enables instructors to quickly personalize and publish an interactive class syllabus. Please stop by our table/session, so we could help cover everything you need to know to get your Simple Syllabus up and running.

About the Presenter: Strap Nkoba is a Multimedia Technologist with the ITAS department. He was born and raised in Uganda. Strap is an alum of Emporia State University. He attained his undergraduate and post-graduate degree at ESU. Strap is a lifelong supporter of Arsenal Football Club and a big Chicago Bulls basketball fan.

Sticky Story Telling

Presented by: Chad Littlefield

Description: We all love a good story. They stick in our brains so much more than a synopsis of content. We also all have lots of good stories. How can we turn some of your stories into teachable moments that your students never forget.

In this quick, focused session, you'll have a chance to experiment with how to tell great stories about any topic

About the Presenter:

Chad Littlefield is the co-founder and Chief Experience Officer of We and Me - an organization whose mission is to help leaders, educators, and events make connection easy.

WSU Tech Faculty Presents

Presented by: Vrenda Pritchard, Amanda Hackerott, and Krissy Buck

Description: Join your colleagues at WSU Tech as they present a "lightening round" of teaching topics from across the curriculum at WSU Tech. Vrenda Pritchard will host this session with the help of Linda Sessions, Amanda Hackerott, and Krissy Buck.

About Vrenda:

Education:   M.Ed. Human Performance Studies – Wichita State University

                    B.A. Human Performance Studies – Wichita State University

                    B.S. Agriculture (Animal Science and Industry) – Kansas State University


My passions are animals and sports. I love the outdoors, carpentry, and furniture rehab. I am a mom to many “furbabies” (cats and dogs). I enjoy every moment I have with my Border Collies, Moose and Tobin.


As an educator, I’ve tried to focus on innovative, interactive, and creative classrooms. I began my career as an educator in higher education in 2006. In 2013, I became the Lead Faculty for Allied Health and in 2021 I was given the title of Department Chair for Natural Science and Allied Health. Through the years I’ve taught the following courses: Anatomy and Physiology, Principles of Nutrition, Medical Terminology, Introduction to Pathophysiology, Lifetime Fitness, Principles of Strength Training, Introduction to Personal Training, Kinesiology and Biomechanics and Sports Nutrition. I’ve presented at SIDLIT, iTrac and a variety of faculty in-services. I am always looking for new and innovative best practices and technology to integrate in my classroom. I have a great passion for my students and find it an honor to be a part of their learning journey.

About Amanda:

Amanda Hackerott directs the Veterinary Nursing program and is an expert at hybrid education. She enjoys coming up with new ways to engage her students and loves making lab skill videos for her YouTube channel: Free State RVT. Amanda has been teaching since 2014 and enjoys collaborating with educators across other programs/industries. She speaks at conferences nationally and enjoys publishing in veterinary journals when she can. Most recently Amanda earned her Post Secondary Instructor Certification; she has a dog, cat, chickens, turtle, guinea pig and a nine year old.

About Linda:

On January 3, 2008, I began work at WSU Tech as business faculty, and what a ride it has been! Still teaching computer and business classes 14 years later, I keep up to date with technology and current events. Serving as the President of Faculty Senate and helping with the mentoring program at WSU Tech allows me to challenge others and provide inspiration to them to keep moving forward.  In 2020, I was named one of the Women Who Lead in Technology by the Wichita Business Journal. I keep busy outside of work with my YouTube channel, helping friends with newsletters, reading, being outside in my garden, and spending time with my husband, children, grandchildren, two dogs, and four cats.

About Krissy: 

Krissy Buck is the Department Chair of the Digital Marketing program at WSU Tech, where she teaches her students how to use digital marketing to build relationships for themselves and brands. She is the former Chief Community Officer of a Wichita tech start-up, QuiCC, where she grew a user base of users in 77 countries in just ten months. 

Krissy believes strongly in our Wichita start-up ecosystem and enjoys volunteering as an Organizer for 1 Million Cups Wichita. She is the digital marketing expert during Groover Labs Office Hours where she gives marketing advice to start-ups and small businesses. She also mentors students who work for ShockStarter, a student marketing agency that employs WSU and WSU Tech students. Krissy recently participated in Advance Kansas to learn how to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community and sits on the IDE committee at WSU Tech. She is also the vice-chair of Digital Wichita a non-profit that educates Wichita on emerging digital marketing trends and host of Social Media Day Wichita.


In her free time, Krissy enjoys eating brunch with her friends at Homegrown, hanging out with her cat Hobbes, speaking in Gifs, and watching Murder She Wrote.

The 411 on Student Services

Presented by: Lai-L Daugherty

Description: WSU Tech is committed to helping students reach their academic objectives so that they may achieve their career and life goals. WSU Tech offers a variety of second-to-none educational programs taught by highly skilled and dedicated faculty members.

About the Presenter:

Lai-L Daugherty is a native of Wichita, Kansas. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Kansas State University and a Master of Science in Leadership from Southwestern College in Winfield, KS. She has over fifteen years of higher education experience. She currently works in the WSU Tech Student Services Department as the Director of Student Engagement. She serves on several boards and volunteers with various non-profit organizations in the community. Lai-L is the Founder and Coordinator of the Wichita Natural Hair Expo (WNHE).

Lai-L is happiest spending time with her family and friends, shopping, engaging in unique experiences, and traveling.

14 Day Non-Attendance Reporting

Presented by: Steve Enriquez, Kyle Hagen, & Crystal Thomsen

Description: We will be discussing the common errors in reporting attendance and issues that arise from attendance being out of tolerance.

About the Presenters:

Steve Enriquez is the Associate Director of Financial Aid.

Kyle Hagen is the Financial Aid Specialist.

Crystal Thomsen is Associate Director of the Registrar

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