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Instructor Presence

Best Practices for Online Teaching

Making Your Presence Known in the Virtual Classroom

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Meaningful feedback is measurable and specific. Details about areas of improvement and how to make those improvements or highlighting exceptional work are components of meaningful feedback. This article from the Inside Higher Ed website provides more information.

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This link will take you to a compilation of resources the ITAS team has developed on instructor presence. New items are added often, make sure to take a look to learn new ideas to make yourself known in your online course. 

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In an online class, it's easy to be the "ghost in the machine" since you're not in front of a class. Interacting with your online students is an essential piece for successful online teaching. The University of Florida's Center for Instructional Technology website will give you ideas.

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There are so many facets to instructor presence, this UC Davis website provides really helpful/applicable information on faculty presence. 

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