ITAS Terminology

ID – Instructional Designer

SME – Subject Matter expert

Phased Rollout – means the course is being taught but development is still happening

Total Rollout – course design is totally complete before course goes live

Instructional content review – SME and ID review content to determine what changes/upgrades should be made to move course online

Online Course Modification – An existing online course is moved to the Master Class template.  Examples of this that ITAS has already completed are GPS and Maternal Child.

  • Roles

    • ID

      • Collect instructional content

      • Reformate instructional content into the master class template

    • SME

      • Provide instructional content including activities, power points, multi – media, lecture notes, discussion boards, rubrics, projects etc.

      • Provide assessments

      • Provide sequencing

      • Provide input on  in the master course template


Master Course Redesign – Web enhanced, online or hybrid already exists in the master class template but is being redesigned to meet new instructional needs. Typically this would be a redesign because a new book or activity has been selected or the course is moving to a new schedule for example from 16 weeks to 8 weeks.

  • Roles

    • ID

      • Redesign the master class template to meet new requirements

    • SME

      • Provide new schedules, books etc


New Master Course –   Development of a new course or moving a face to face course to a web enhanced, hybrid or online course using the master course template.

  • Roles

    • ID

      • Work with SME to determine what instructional content is needed

      • Help SME develop the online instructional content

      • Format to Master class format

    • SME

      • Research instructional content

      • Create instructional content

      • Determine content delivery sequence


Annual Master Course Review – ID’s and SME’s review course on an annual basis.  The goal is to document what needs to be updated/changed. If changes are necessary the course moves to master class redesign process.