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McGraw-Hill Connect 

McGraw Hill Connect guide shows you how to combine these resources with your courses. 

Select the linked title to open the user guide. 

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McGraw-Hill Connect User Guides 

Pairing McGraw-Hill Connect Resources with Your Blackboard Course 

Integrating textbook publisher resources with your Blackboard course will be easy with these user guides. Please contact ITAS at if you have questions or need further assistance. 

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This guide will help you pair the McGraw-Hill Connect textbook resources with your Blackboard Course. 

Select the linked title to open the user guide. 


This document shows the steps embedding the registration video on a Blackboard page. 

Select the linked title to access the document. 

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This document has link and embed codes for a video playlist demonstrating how students interact with the SmartBook. This document also shows how you can use the link or embed code to put the video into your course and how the materials align with WSU Tech Course Standards.

Select the linked title to open the document.

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