OASIS Services

  • Assist with finding OER content within library resources

  • Assist with researching journals and academic sources to incorporate into OER content

  • Assist with copyright related to OER content

  • Assist with citing sources within OER content

  • Assist with self-publishing and ISBN assignments for OER

Instructional Design Services

  • Incorporate ready-made OER content in to course design

  • Assist with creating OER content utilizing digital learning tools

  • Assist with evaluating OER content for accessibility and usability

LMS Integration Services

  • Investigate basic and advanced LMS integration options with OER content provider/vendor

  • Implement basic and advanced LMS integration with OER content provider/vendor

  • Provide training on how to add content to LMS via basic or advanced integration

  • Provide on-going technical support for basic or advanced integration issues

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