Student/Faculty Engagement

The icons below indicate how easy or hard the method/tool is to utilize.

This method/tool will be the easiest to use of the other options presented.

This method/tool is considered medium difficulty to use compared to the other options.

This method/tool is considered the most difficult to use compared to all other options presented.

  • Innovation Cafe

The Innovation Café is portal where faculty meet to advance the art and science of teaching and learning!

The goals for this site are simple.  We hope this site will be the place faculty find: 

  • Innovation - advancing the art and science of teaching and learning

  • Inspiration - leading to engaged students and teachers

  • Information - needed to be successful at WSU Tech

  • Community - sharing best practices 


Along the way we hope to provide faculty with a place to showcase leading edge teaching and learning skills.  The site provides forums for everything from Blackboard tutorials to the latest and greatest in instructional technologies. 


We invite you to spend time enhancing your teaching skills, becoming "the expert", and sharing what you know with the WSU Tech community.

Click on this Link access to the Innovation Cafe

  •  Bb Discussion Board

In discussions, you can share thoughts and ideas about class materials. In Blackboard Learn, course members can have the thoughtful discussions that take place in the traditional classroom, but with the advantages of asynchronous communication. Participants don't need to be in the same location or time zone, and you can take the time to consider your responses carefully.

You can use discussions for these tasks:

  • Meet with your peers for collaboration and social interaction.

  • Pose questions about homework assignments, readings, and course content.

  • Demonstrate your understanding or application of course material.

Watch a video about Bb Discussions

This Blackboard Help video explains how to use discussions in the Original course view

  • Packback

Packback is an AI-supported online discussion platform that improves student curiosity, communication skills and critical thinking. Packback delivers an easy-to-use and engaging discussion experience for students and instructors, with powerful support from automated moderation, sorting and scoring algorithms.

How to use Packback in your course!

Watch the video below

  • Bb Groups

Instructors can create groups of students within courses. Groups usually consist of a small number of students for study groups or projects. These groups have their own collaboration areas in the course so that they can communicate and share files.

Your instructor places you in a group or allows you to select the group you want to join. Your instructor chooses which communication and collaboration tools are available to your group.

  • Pronto

Pronto is a communication hub created for the everyday user. It connects people via chat and video, so they can learn faster, work smarter, and communicate seamlessly.

Pronto's Student Engagement Strategies for Higher Education:

  • Recognize every student as important.

  • It’s more than just one week of welcome.

  • Bring fresh eyes to the engagement committee.

  • Realize that the new generation of students is mobile-first.

  • Flipgrid

Flipgrid is simple. Engage and empower every voice in your classroom or community by recording and sharing short, awesome videos … together!

How to Flipgrid

  • Quizlet

Quizlet makes simple learning tools that let you study anything. Start learning today with flashcards, games and learning tools — all for free.

How to Use Quizlet

  • Padlet

From your hobby to your career, your class notes to your final exam, your mood board to your runway show, padlets help you organize your life. The ultimate bulletin board. Faculty have been known to use this application as a forum to have students introduce themselves or as a brainstorming tool. Embed video, attach documents, create web links. etc. This application can be embedded right into BlackBoard so students will not have to go outside of the LMS or sign up for an account to use. Dive into this creative world. 

Learn Padlet

  • Kahoot

Create a fun learning game in minutes, made from a series of multiple choice questions. Add videos, images and diagrams to your questions to amplify engagement!


Kahoots are best played in a group setting, like a classroom. Players answer on their own devices, while games are displayed on a shared screen to unite the lesson – creating a ‘campfire moment’ – encouraging players to look up.

Works on any device with an Internet connection.

Zero setup time, no player accounts required and one-click gameplay.


It’s free to create and play – and always will be!

5 Minute Guide to Kahoot