Communication is an essential part of training and learning. You may notice many terms and acronyms being thrown around by WSU Tech employees. Below you will find a guide to many common terms and their definitions. As always, please reach out to itas@wsutech.edu if you have any questions! 

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Absorb Do Connect: The instructional framework WSU Tech uses to develop and organize content. 

Accessibility: Process of designing courses and developing a teaching style to meet the needs of people from a variety of backgrounds, abilities, and learning styles. 

Assessment: The assessment process is a method of continual improvement of courses, instructional methods, and institutional practices that affect student learning and development. Through assessment, we can identify areas for improvement and “close the loop”. At WSU Tech, assessment in an ongoing process and each program collects and analyzes assessment data each semester. Simply put, assessment ensures that students receive the best education that is held to the highest standards.

Blackboard Ally: An accessibility checker for content in Blackboard courses. Icons will show red for needing serious remediation, yellow less remediation, and green meaning that document is accessible. 

COLAB: Collaborative space for students, staff and faculty. The COLAB has audio and video recording equipment. 

Course Copy: The process of copying course content from a Master or Template into a live course. 


CRN: Course Registration Number: This is a unique, 5-digit number assigned to a live course. Be sure to include the CRN of your course in tickets sent to ITAS in completing your ticket. CRNs change each semester. 

Interactive Schedule: The semester course schedule, searching functions include searching by semester, discipline, and instructor. 

IT: Information Technology: IT deals with computer hardware, audio visual equipment, copiers and printers. IT also works with software and networking. 

ITAS: Instructional Technology and Academic Support: a faculty support department at WSU Tech who assists faculty and students with Blackboard issues, additionally providing professional development and course development assistance. 

Master/Template Course: A master course in Blackboard is a course in which the content was developed by an instructional designer. A template course in which the content was developed by an instructor from the master course. Masters and Templates are used to copy content from into live courses each semester. 


Module: A unit which contains content on specific topics/concepts. A course may have several modules depending on the number of concepts/outcomes covered. 

Rubric: An assessment tool based on the criteria and point value of each criteria. Rubrics make assignment expectations and grading very clear to students. 

Syllabus: A contract between the instructor and student which outlines classroom policies and procedures, grading scale, assignments, and college policies and procedures. 


Ticket: Also known as a support ticket, this is a service request from faculty, staff, or students. If you are asked to submit a ticket for an issue, it simply means emailing the department at a specific email so that the work is monitored and recorded. For ITAS, the ticket email is itas@wsutech.edu 

3rd Party/Publisher Integration: Pairing textbook publisher or other integrated learning tools (ITL) with a Blackboard course.




WIDS: World Wide Instructional Design System: Curriculum development software which houses program and course information. Here you will find your course description and course outcomes. 




Zoom: A video conference application used to host meetings. Zoom has screen sharing, whiteboard, and recording functions.