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More About Rubrics

Resources for creating and using rubrics

More information on rubrics is listed on this page. Links include articles on rubrics and to a web-based rubric creation tool, called Rubistar. 

Resources for Creating & Using Rubrics
Explaining Rubrics

Explaining Rubrics

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Edutopia's article explains the "why" of using rubrics. This article includes example rubrics. 

Select the linked title to launch the How Do Rubrics Help? article. 

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Another article explaining the "why" of using rubrics and how it helps make grading criteria clear and concise. 

Select the linked title to access the Rubrics to the Rescue web page. 

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Read Chapter 1 from Susan Brookhart's book on How to Create and Use Rubrics. It gives a more in-depth overview of the Rubrics presentation listed above. 

Select the linked title How to Create and Use Rubrics for Formative Assessment and Grading web page. 

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This link to the Blackboard Help web site covers how to create and use the rubric tool in your Blackboard course. 

Select the linked title to launch the How to Create a Rubric web page. 

How to Create Rubrics

How to Create Rubrics 

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Rubistar is a web tool that houses pre-made rubrics, but includes the function for creating a customized rubric. It's free, just register for an account. 

Select the linked title to open the Rubistar website. 

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