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Faculty- Based 

WSU Tech Training and Initiatives

Faculty receive specific training to prepare for teaching at WSU Tech. New faculty and experienced faculty members participate in these training to meet the college's initiatives. It is important to understand the contents and purposes of these training initiatives-learn more by scrolling down this page. 

 Contact ITAS at itas@wsutech for additional information or questions. 


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Accessibility is a major part of the culture at WSU Tech. This 10 minute video introduces you to the concept of accessibility and how it applies to your role as an instructor. It also highlights resources available to you.

Select the linked title to watch the Culture of Accessibility Video.

You may also access the video slides and a transcript of the video.

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WSU Tech had made a commitment to accessibility with the adoption of our formal accessibility policy and a continuing accessibility plan. 

Select the linked title to view the Accessibility Policy and Plan page.

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The Accessibility page of the Innovation Cafe is your hub for information on accessibility policy, plan, training, and the roles and responsibilities for the Accessibility Committee. This hub is updated with training information and links to any necessary forms for accessibility updating as they become available. 

Select the linked title to view the Accessibility main page.

Faculty Guidelines

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Faculty Expectations

This document provides clear expectations for Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, and Program Lead/Directors for Classroom Management, Teaching and Instruction, and Programmatic & Institutional Engagement responsibilites.

Link to Faculty Expectations document.

WSU Tech Instructional Models

Instructional Models

WSU Tech Instructional Culture

In response to changing technical education needs and the world wide pandemic, WSUTech embarked on an initiative in the Spring of 2020  to move all technical programs to a hybrid environment.  The Curriculum Planning Team spearheads the CTE Hybrid initiative.  Team members include the WSUTech President, all the Academic Vice Presidents, and the Vice President for Student Services, as well as the  Academic Deans.  This team meets monthly to review progress and determine the next steps.  Below are just a few of the milestones for this initiative:

  • Identified the timeline for each technical program's move to hybrid

  • Identified the courses moving to hybrid

  • Created and implemented an Online Student Orientation

  • Updated Faculty Job Description to include hybrid environment

  • Added a third Instructional Design position to the ITAS ( Instructional Technology and Academic Support) department

  • Updated the Online Teaching policy to include the hybrid definition and teaching requirements

  • Provided professional development for faculty moving to the hybrid teaching environment

  • Updated the Innovation Cafe to include a resources center for teaching in the CTE Hybrid environment

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PRD 115 Foundations of Instructional Practices


PRD 115 Foundations of Instructional Practices

To enroll in PRD 115 select this link, which can also be found on the myWSUTech Student page under the Add or Drop a Class link.

If you are unable to enroll yourself in a course, contact Advising by calling 316-677-9680 or email them at

PRD 115 Foundations

Innovation Cafe Instructional & Pedagogical Content

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Innovation Cafe Roles and Goals

ITAS has created The Innovation Café as a one-stop shop resource for faculty to locate information and resources for teaching practices, curriculum development, and Blackboard/3rd Party user guides.

With that in mind, resources and content are added frequently to keep in step with educational trends and faculty needs. Notifications are sent to faculty when new content is added to the Café to alert you of new items that may be of interest or helpful. 

Here is a short list of areas which may be helpful:  

Blackboard User Guides

CTE to Hybrid

Professional Development 

3rd Party Integration Guides


Select the linked titles to access these items. 

Innovation Cafe

WSU Tech Library Resources

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Select the linked title to the left to view the Library Resources page, which can also be found on myWSUTech

Library Resources

Best Practices for New Faculty - Pedagogy

Best Practices for New Faculty

Innovation Cafe Resources

ITAS has created the Innovation Cafe, a website for teaching and learning, for instructors. The role of the Cafe is to provide a one-stop shop for instructional resources for content creation, Blackboard functions, and teaching and learning tools.

A goal for creating the Innovation Cafe is that faculty members have information in a convenient place and an easy to use format. You will find a tab in the top right corner of your My Courses page of Blackboard.

Find resources on these topics in the Innovation Cafe. Select the linked title to view the item.

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Even the most seasoned teacher can have difficulty. Getting started can seem like a daunting task. Washington University in St. Louis provides tips and timeline for preparing to teach for the first time.

Select the linked title to view Tips for Faculty Teaching the First Time web page.

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