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Record Lectures, Share Engaging Videos, and Make Content Accessible

Panopto is a tool that can be used for recording or uploading lectures and slides, screencasting, video streaming, or embedding videos with content in Blackboard. Panopto videos can also contain additional content such as notes, bookmarks and quizzes. This software is available to all WSU Tech Faculty and Staff. 

Select the button below to go directly to Panopto. Sign in with your WSU Tech credentials.

Go to Panopto
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Learn how to access Panopto and create videos using the web-based and desktop versions of the software. Discover how Panopto integrates with Blackboard and interacts with Zoom recordings.


Select the linked title to view a video tutorial. 

Panopto User Guide

Learn how to trim videos and embed content such as discussions and quizzes right into your recording.

Information on this topic coming soon!

Editing a Video in Panopto
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Follow Krystal as she walks you through the accessibility functions of this software and learn more from the Panopto website regarding Accessibility functions.

Select the linked titles to view the information. 

Panopto and Accessibility
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Sharing and Copying Videos

Sharing videos with other instructors is easy to do. Find out how with this guide. This guide also covers how to copy videos to other folders and courses.

Information coming soon! 

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The Effects of Course Copies on Saved Videos

More information coming soon!

Sharing and Copying Videos
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