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Simple Syllabus is a software that enables instructors to quickly personalize and publish an interactive class syllabus. Below you will find guides and a FAQ section over Simple Syllabus. If you have any questions or issues, please contact for assistance.


Simple Syllabus Training 8/12/2021 Recording

Simple Syllabus Comprehensive Guide

This 19:36-long video covers everything you need to know to get your Simple Syllabus up and running. Select the link above to view the video guide from the beginning. If you are asked to sign in, use your WSU Tech credentials.

Select the time stamp below or in the video to jump to a specific guide.


Have a question that you don't see answered below? Contact

How do I get to Simple Syllabus?

  1. Select the Simple Syllabus link in your Start Here Module (link must be placed first)

  2. Select the Simple Syllabus Dashboard link on the myWSUTech Faculty page - under Faculty Links

  3. URL: - Bookmark it! 

Can I copy and paste into the Simple Syllabus fields?

We do not recommend copying and pasting into Simple Syllabus, as any formatting you are copying will come over and your syllabi will not be compliant with accessibility standards.

Why do I have to put in the Simple Syllabus link into my Start Here Module?

For now - this link will need to be manually placed by you and the old Syllabus link deleted. This is because these course shells were already created when we implemented the Simple Syllabus software. But soon, the Simple Syllabus link will auto-populate in the Start Here Module and this step will not be required by you. To see how to place the link, view the Simple Syllabus Guide Video.

Can I import data I, or another member of faculty, entered in for a past course?

Yes! Once a syllabus has been filled out initially for a course - going forward the course information will automatically populate in future syllabi for that course. You also have the option to manually import syllabi fields from another instructor's course. View the Simple Syllabus Guide Video to see how this works.

Is Alt Text needed for images and does Simple Syllabus have a way to edit the Alt Text?

Yes, Alt Text is required on images. The Alt Text tool can be found by left clicking the image in Simple Syllabus, then selecting the Alt Text tool which looks like a capital "T".

If a mistake is made after I've already submitted my syllabus, is there a way to fix the error without approval?

All changes made to a syllabus will need to be approved. Editing will not be available on your Simple Syllabus until your submitted syllabus is approved. Then you may edit and resubmit (we recommend using the comments field at the bottom of the Simple Syllabus to indicate what changes you made). Your original syllabus will remain available to be viewed by students until the new changes are approved, then your Simple Syllabus will update automatically to the new changes. 

Is there a way to upload my course schedule?

No, you must enter your course schedule line by line so that accessibility standards are met. Once the course schedule is created the first time in a course syllabus, it will be a faster process in future courses as it will automatically import what you've already created, and the dates will be the only items that need to be updated.

There's a certain section or policy that I want to be added to future templates of my syllabus. How do I request that it be added?

Please email with your request. ITAS is compiling a list of requests to send to the ALT for review to decide if changes will be made to the syllabus templates in the future. However, no changes will be made until at least Spring 2022. For now, use the optional field above the Course Schedule area to add any additional information you'd like to include. 

I accidentally deleted the Simple Syllabus link in my course. Is my syllabus gone?

No, only the link to the schedule is gone and can easily be replaced. The syllabus itself "lives" in the Simple Syllabus software. 

Can I put the Simple Syllabus link in my Template or Master?

No, the Simple Syllabus link can only be placed in a live course, or courses with a CRN. It will not work if you attempt to link it to your Template or Master. 

I selected submit on my Simple Syllabus, but I meant to hit save. How do I get my syllabus back so I can finish it?

Contact your Program Director or Chair to return your syllabus to you. Simple Syllabus saves automatically, so there is no save button. 

When will my *insert course term here* syllabus be available to edit?

ITAS has created a schedule for the release date of syllabi.  The release date is the date faculty can start to edit syllabi for any particular semester. The dates were selected by adding 8 weeks to the earliest semester start point. Refer to the table below for future release dates.

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