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Resources for the Spring '22 Adjunct In-Service

WSU Tech provides numerous opportunities for professional development on campus, online courses, and through learning communities. Scroll below to view resources from the Spring '22 Adjunct In-Service.

 Contact ITAS at itas@wsutech for additional information or questions. 

Library Resources with Noelle Barrick

Library Resources

Noelle provided library resources for each department in the college, as well as informed staff on recent updates within the library. 

Assessment with Shelby Lowen

Assessment Presentation

Shelby Lowen presented on the topic of Assessment and gave information regarding the necessities of providing assessment within the classroom. In the breakout sessions, Shelby dove further into the processes of creating assessments.

Student Services Updates

Read and Write

CARE Team Updates

CDC Updates

Jennifer Stanyer unveiled a new software called Read and Write that has been made available for all staff and students. 

Lai-L Daugherty shared updates from the campus CARE team while Doug Maury updated the college on Covid-19 procedures for students.