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A Hybrid Pro? 

Advanced Level

Take your online teaching skills to the next level

You have several semesters of online teaching. Add more knowledge and skill to your teaching technique with information and resources geared toward moving your teaching to the next level. 

Clarity and Organization of Instruction

Clarity and Organization of Instruction 

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Chunking content is breaking large amounts of information into smaller pieces. It's an effective organization strategy. The UNF Center for Instruction and Research Technology web site offers an explanation.


Select the linked title to open the Chunking Content web page. 

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Sequencing instructional content means putting it together from the basic to the advanced. This is also scaffolding. The video explains this concept and includes examples. 

Select the linked title to view the Sequencing and Navigability video. 

Developing Original Content

Developing Original Content 

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Creating original content includes developing assignments. This infographic provides a visual overview of creating effective assignments. 

Select the linked title to review the Creating Effective Assignments Infographic. 

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Texas Tech's article, How Do I Create Meaningful and Effective Assignments, provides a further discussion on creating original content. 

Select the linked title to read the Creating Meaningful and Effective Assignments article. 

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