Partnership with BibliU

In an effort to reduce student textbook costs, WSU Tech has formed a partnership with BibliU to provide use of their platform to deliver digital textbooks and courseware via Blackboard to students and faculty.  Currently this initiative is being piloted with General Education and Professional Studies.

What is BibliU?

BibliU's Learning Enablement platform empowers universities and colleges to automate learning content workflows and improve student outcomes, providing digital textbooks, monographs, and courseware in a cost-effective manner.

BibliU Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about BibliU?  Check the list below.  If you do not see an answer to your question, feel free to contact!

  1. Can I request a desk copy for review?  

    Yes, Instructors can create “inspection copies” with BibliU Automate

  2. How does BibliU integrate into Blackboard?
    You can add the link to BibliU to your Blackboard Course by doing the following:

    1. Go to your course in Blackboard​

    2. Click on Course Content

    3. Click on Build Content

    4. Click on BibliU

    5. For Name, type XXX-123 Name of Course E-Textbook”. (Replace with your course and number.  For example MTH-101 College Algebra)

    6. For Description, leave blank

    7. Click on Submit

    8. The link will be at the bottom of all your modules and content, so you may want to move it closer to the top so students can see it.

  3. When will my textbooks be available in Blackboard?
    Textbooks will be available via the link you create in Blackboard (see question #2 above) usually 7 days prior to the class start date.

  4. Will the publisher third-party course ware links like Cengage MindTap/SAM, McGraw-Hill Connect and Pearson still be the same?  Will I have to re-do the links? 
    Nothing will change and the links you had in your course before will still work the same as they always have.  The only change will be that you and the students will also be able to access the ETextbook via the BibliU link.

  5. Is there a statement I can put in my syllabus and/or course?
    Yes, you can use the following:
    This course includes an online E-Textbook and may also utilize additional publisher courseware for assignments towards your grade.  Your access to the E-Textbook and publisher courseware (if applicable) is (free/covered by your course fees) and there is no need to purchase access from the bookstore or a third-party.  You may find the link to the E-Textbook under Course Content in Blackboard that is titled “XXX-123 Name of Course E-Textbook”. (Instructor note: Replace with your course and number.  For example MTH-101 College Algebra and then delete these notes in parenthesis)

  6. If my students have difficulties accessing the text, is there a help line?  What is their expected response time?
    Yes, if the student is accessing the text via BibliU in Blackboard, there is  a help chat button in the lower right-hand corner of BibliU that students can click on to get help.  For help outside of BibliU, please see the BibliU Support Site.  The typical average response time for BibliU is less than an hour.

  7. Is there a good overview for students that show how to navigate BibliU?
    Yes, we suggest students watch the How to Navigate the BibliU App: Student Quick Start Guide Video

  8. Are BIblliU titles accessible? 
    All titles come with text-to-speech readers, zoom, and more. To learn more see: Accessibility Features

  9. How do I or my students highlight and annotate texts?
    See Highlighting and Annotating Texts

  10. Is there a BibliU app? 
    You can download books for offline use by using one of the native application. There are versions for Desktop, Android and iOS at your local mobile app store.  Download BibliU App

  11. Can I print text pages for off-line reading? 
    Yes, see: Printing pages or Chapter for Offline Reading

BibliU Video Tutorials

video icon.jfif

A 1 minute, 16 second long video the key capabilities available to students with BibliU Learn..

Select the linked title to view the video. 

video icon.jfif

A 1 minute, 3 second long video tutorial on what accessibility features are available to students with BibliU Learn. 

Select the linked title to view the video. 

video icon.jfif

A 53 second long video tutorial on how to print portions of digital textbooks with BibliU Learn.

Select the linked title to view the video. 

video icon.jfif

A 3 minute 17 second long video tutorial on how to navigate the BibliU app.

Select the linked title to view the video.