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CTE to Hybrid

Resources for moving your CTE class to the virtual classroom

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Not sure where to begin? Take this survey to find your experience level: beginner, intermediate, or advanced. This short survey will give you an idea of which level your skills are at. 

You may also select the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced levels by selecting their linked titles on this page.

Select the linked title to launch the Technology Survey. 

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New to the virtual classroom and online instruction? The beginner level includes resources to launch your online teaching journey. 

Select the linked title to launch the Beginner Resource page. 

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Have a semester or two of online teaching? The intermediate level adds tools and strategies for effective online teaching. 

Select the linked title to launch the Intermediate Resource  page.


You've taught several semesters of online courses. The advanced level page houses information for developing original content, ideas for interactive teaching and learning strategies. 

Select the linked title to launch the Advanced Resource page.

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