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Curriculum Development 

Building and Teaching Course Content

Absorb, Do, Connect: WSU Tech Instructional Framework

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William Horton's learning model divides learning activities into three key types:  Absorb, Do, and Connect.  Activities within each category should be selected to match the learning stage and delivery method.

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Absorb activities provide instruction or information learners need to do their jobs or to further their learning. In absorb activities learners read, listen, and watch. 

Tap the linked title to open absorb example activities. 

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Do activities transform information into knowledge and skills. In Do activities, learners discover, analyze, and, most importantly, apply knowledge.

Tap the linked title to open do example activities. 

These activities prepare learners to apply learning in situations they encounter at work, in later learning efforts, and in their personal lives.

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Horton's Theory Infographic
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