Computer Software Guidance

New to Hybrid?

Beginner Level

This page will help with starting your online teaching journey. 

Here are resources to get you started in the virtual classroom. The content on this page focuses on the first steps of preparing to teach a hybrid course. 

Communicating with Students

Use this document of sample announcements as templates to tweak or to give you an idea for announcements that will suit your course.

Select the linked title to open the Sample Messages document.

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This 10 minute video highlights how to use the tools in Blackboard to communicate with students. It also covers standards and best practices for timely communication and faculty presence.

Select the linked title to open the Communicating with Students video.

Course Development  


Modules are the container for concepts. Modules cover one topic/outcome and usually equal a week of instruction. Learn how to create, organize, and structure a module here. 

Select the linked title to open the Learning Module video.


Icons and Terminology

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View the Blackboard icons and tools in this graphic organizer. 

Select the linked title to open the Blackboard Icons and Terms graphic organizer. 

Start Here Module 

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This link includes examples of required Start Here Module Documents. 

Select the linked title to view the Example Start Here Module Documents page.

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The Start Here Module is the entry point for students into a Blackboard course. It has specific requirements set forth by WSU Tech. This link opens information and examples of the required content for the Start Here Module. 

Select the linked title to open the Module Requirements information. 


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A syllabus is a contract between an instructor and a student. This link includes information for using the WSU Tech Syllabus Templates and uploading the syllabus to your course. 

Select the linked title to open the Syllabus Information link. 

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Templates for your online, hybrid, or face-to-face syllabus are housed in the Institutional Content Collection in Blackboard. This guide will explain how to use the syllabus templates. 

Select the linked title to open the Syllabus Template Guide link. 

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This guide shows the steps for uploading your syllabus to Blackboard.  

Select the linked title to open the Uploading the Syllabus Guide link. 

Using the What's New Area 


This 6 minute video provides instruction on using the What's New Area in Blackboard to communicate effectively with students and create faculty presence.

Select the linked title to launch the Using the What's New Area Effectively video.