Innovative Technologies for Teaching and Learning

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Learning Management System

Blackboard is the learning management system (LMS) WSU Tech uses to deliver instructional content in face-to-face and online courses. The LMS has the capability to provide tests, assignments, and track student progress. Course records, such as your gradebook, will also be housed within Blackboard.

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The Collaboration Space for students and faculty!

Located at WSU South in Room D103, the COLAB is a space for faculty, staff, and students to utilize for collaborative projects, to record video/audio, use video editing software, and more! Make your reservation today by visiting the linked title for the COLAB.

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Tools for Teaching and Learning


Virtual Meetings

Web 2.0 tools bring an additional layer to teaching. These tools are easy to use and hold students' attention. Digital learning tools bring more to the classroom than just lecturing or reading-the possibilities are limited only by imagination and ingenuity. 

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Virtual meetings are possible with Zoom. Zoom includes screen sharing, whiteboard with note-taking capabilities, and Cloud recording. Teaching and learning continues outside of the physical classroom. 

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Textbook Resources

Innovative Teaching Tools

Textbook publishers offer digital resources for their books. These resources are referred to as third-party integrations when they are paired with a Blackboard course. Specific processes are required to successfully integrate textbook resources within a course.

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Mixed Reality allows digital elements to live in a physical space. Users can see their surroundings and digital overlays. Pokémon Go is an example of mixed reality technology. Users can interact or manipulate the digital object to examine its components or functions.


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AI-Supported Discussion Boards

Packback Questions is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-supported online discussion platform equipped to save instructors time while maximizing an instructor’s impact. Packback offloads the administrative burden of facilitating high-quality discussion so faculty can focus on what they do best - teaching and engaging! 

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