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Higher Learning Commission Site Visit Information

Higher Learning Commission Site Visit

Below, you'll find information about the upcoming HLC visit scheduled for February 26 & 27. Please take a moment to review everything, and feel free to contact your WSU Tech HLC Team Member if you have any questions.

Additional information can be found on the HLC tab above:

Welcome to the Innovation Café!
The Innovation Café is a resource for WSU Tech faculty to assist in the development of courses, learning about and utilizing accessibility resources, understand Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accreditation requirements and WSU Tech's Assessment objectives, as well as providing Professional Development resources.
Our goal is to assist you in your teaching journey. Meeting all of your technology needs through instructional technology used at WSU Tech and answer any questions you may have. 

As you navigate the Innovation Café feel free to offer suggestions for improvements by contacting us at Your suggestions help us improve your experience in the Innovation Café.

HLC Assurance Argument - 2024

Click here to view the HLC Assurance Argument. Each of the items in the Table of Contents is clickable to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. 

WSU Tech Strategic Plan

WSU Tech brought together students, faculty, staff, and community members to create a detailed three-year strategic plan through an inclusive planning and visioning process. This strategic plan outlines the organization's vision along with the goals and strategies to achieve it. It serves as a guide for WSU Tech's leadership, offering milestones and performance indicators to monitor advancement over the upcoming three years.

WSU Tech is moving to the Canvas Learning Management System!

Click the image below for more information, timelines, progress, and updates throughout the transition.

In the News

In-Service 2024

It's Time for In-Service Training! This session will concentrate on future trends and challenges. We'll explore topics to help instructors keep pace with the rapid advancement of technology, especially as WSU Tech expands alongside our growing student body. 

For more information about Adjunct In-Service click here.
For more information about Faculty In-Service click here.

Open Labs 2024 January.png

Do you require assistance with Blackboard or Canvas? Join us at Open Labs for answers to all your queries. Our team is ready to assist with Panopto, Blackboard, Canvas, Zoom, Packback, and other software used at WSU Tech. Click on the image above for more information.

Adoption Timeline for Spring 2024


  • Program director/chair/dean training in Insite: 9/18/23-9/22/23

  • Program director/chairs submit adoptions in Insite: 9/22/23-9/29/23

  • Deans approve adoptions in Insite: 9/29/23-10/6/23

  • Adoption export available to view in Teams: 11/17/23

  • Virtual bookstore live: 12/25/23

  • Bibliu books available to students in Blackboard 2 weeks prior to course start date.

How to Set/Reset Your WSU Tech Password

Our student and faculty population is growing and password resets are very important components to keep your accounts secure. 

We have put together a guide on how to reset your WSU Tech password. Click on the image
 or here to access the guide or watch the video above.

The 7 Modalities of WSU Tech

BibliU Analytics

Click on the video below to learn how to pull course reports for BibliU

How to Pull Course Reports for BibliU_default

How to Pull Course Reports for BibliU_default

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The Innovation Café is powered by your ITAS Team.

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