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Accessibility in Action

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to deliver evolving accessible curriculum to anyone wishing to learn at WSU Tech. This goal is achieved through design, research, training, and collaboration with any individual or entity associated with WSU Tech

Roles & Responsibilities

Role of Accessibility Committee Members

  • Recommendations/approval for continuous improvement of the WSU Tech Accessibility Plan

  • Lead assigned academic department level accessibility processes and activities

  • Collaborate with faculty and Deans to ensure program/discipline accessibility goals are met

  • Complete the Foundations of Accessibility training course

  • Facilitate accessibility training sessions

  • Learn how to utilize the Bb Ally software

  • Provide mentoring/training for faculty on the accessibility processes/activities at faculty events including but not limited to Bootcamp, In-Service, Adjunct In-Service etc.

  • Coordinate with the appropriate Dean to write the department level accessibility report and submit to the Chair, Accessibility Committee by the due date

  • Review and approve the Institutional Accessibility Report


Role of Accessibility Committee Chair

  • Facilitate Accessibility Committee meetings

  • Write the Institutional Accessibility Report

  • Collaborate with the Deans and Accessibility Committee members to ensure all Accessibility planning and reporting timelines are met

  • Collaborate with ITAS to ensure Accessibility Training materials are available

  • Represent WSU Tech in the WSU Accessibility Committee


Role of Faculty/Lead Faculty

  • Obtain VPAT from vendors for all vendor created instructional materials

  • Ensure vendor materials meet accessibility requirements

  • Participate in ITAS training events on accessibility

  • Ensure instructional content meets accessibility requirements per the approved timeline

  • Learn and utilize Bb Ally software to ensure instructional content meets accessible standards

  • Report accessibility data accurately and timely


Role of Academic Deans

  • Collaborate with Faculty and Accessibility Committee members to ensure the department meets college accessibility goals

  • Coordinate with the appropriate Accessibility  Committee member to write the department level accessibility report and submit to the Chair, Accessibility  Committee by the due date


Role of ITAS

  • Create and facilitate accessibility training events that meet the approved accessibility timeline

  • Provide training for new faculty on accessibility  at Teaching Academy and other new faculty events

  • Integrate Bb Ally into WSU Tech instance of Bb

  • Provide training on Bb Ally

  • Provide design services to assist faculty as they update course to meet accessibility requirements

  • Provide design services that meet the accessibility requirements for new design projects


Role of Director, Disability Services

  • Provide expertise to the group on disability issues

  • Provide the link between accessibility and accommodation requirements

  • Provide training as necessary