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Tech Team Services

Meeting your Instructional Technology Needs

The Instructional Technology Team, located at WSU South, offers many technology solutions for your classroom. This team manages Media Services, mixed-media reality (Virtual and Augmented), the COLAB, and more. 

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Would you like a high quality, professional video created for your students? Strap Nkoba, WSU Tech's Multi-Media Technologist, is available to assist with storyboarding, recording, professional photography, and editing. Contact to set up an appointment for media services.

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The COLAB, located at WSU South, is a space for collaboration amongst students and/or faculty. This space is equipped with innovative technology which promotes collaboration, learning, and provides creative solutions for completing projects. 

The COLAB is equipped with Clickshare enabled monitors, a recording studio with a green screen and black screen, a lightboard, zSpace laptops, FL Studio for audio editing, and Camtasia for editing videos. Our COLAB workers would be happy to get you started on any of this technology, as well as walk you through using Panopto to screen share and caption videos.

If you need a quiet place to study or a room to join a Zoom meeting in, check out our Media Rooms. These rooms are equipped with everything you need to look and sound great on Zoom. 

The COLAB also offers technology that can be checked out by faculty, including GoPros, Lapel Microphones, Camcorders, and more. 

Contact ITAS at if you would like a tour of the COLAB. Individual and group tours are welcome! 


Complete the form below, or select the linked title above, to request to check out equipment from the COLAB. A representative will be in touch with you after completing the form. 

If prompted to sign in, use your WSU Tech credentials. 

The ITAS Tech Team has 5 Microsoft HoloLens available for instructor check-out, or in-COLAB interaction for faculty, staff, and students. The HoloLens provides the wearer with the ability to interact with digital objects embedded in their physical environment. This augmented reality makes learning more interactive. Watch the video below for an overview of the HoloLens, then fill out the Equipment Checkout form above or make a COLAB reservation to check one out in person!

zSpace is a combined augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) solution for immersive, interactive, multi-sensory learning experiences. Students can view virtual models in 3D through lightweight glasses, examine them in detail from all angles, and manipulate them fearlessly using a stylus pen, effective bringing learning to life. Check out a zSpace Laptop today by filling out the Equipment Checkout form (instructors only) or reserving a space in the COLAB

The zSpace educator guide website offers several videos to show off the possibilities zSpace can offer in the classroom. At the bottom of the page are planning resources and handouts.

Select the link to the left to view these guides.

View all subjects on the zSpace apps website. Not all apps are available on the zSpace laptops in the COLAB, please contact to learn which apps are available on our zSpace units.

Select the link to the left to view the apps.

View career and technical education subjects on the zSpace apps website. Not all apps are available on the zSpace laptops in the COLAB, please contact to learn which apps are available on our zSpace units.

Select the link to the left to view the apps.

The Oculus Quest is a virtual reality (VR) headset. It is a standalone device that can run games and software wirelessly on an Android-based operating system. WSU Tech has 5 Quests in the COLAB that may be checked out by faculty using the Equipment Check-Out form, or can be used in-COLAB by students, faculty, or staff by making a reservation in the COLAB. Contact ITAS to learn what apps are currently available.

The video below provides a short introduction to the Quest.

Engage VR is a free software for small groups of people which provides e-learning and a presentation platform built with VR and standard screen usage in mind.

Select the link to the left to view a demo video.

You can search for free models to use in classroom in VR on TurboSquid

Select the link to the left to view the website.

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