WSU Tech Course Standards

This page is dedicated to the required elements and best practices of a WSU Tech Course. The checklist below is the standard by which all WSU Tech courses are measured for quality. Best practice (recommended) items in the checklist will, at some point, become required elements.  The checklist is based on the OLC quality standard and was adopted by the WSU Tech Retention/Online Committee. The retention/online committee members are Pam Doyle, Shelby Lowen, Cliff Nelson, Jennifer Seymour, Trish Schmidt, Tara Canfield-Weber, Laura Fowler, Megan Madasz, Britten Kuckelman, Leah Roeder, Diana Holladay, Travis Krehbiel, Kyle York, and Krystal Iseminger. 


The document below contains the current requirements for WSU Tech Courses. You can also access the WSU Tech Course Design Standards Assessment Tool, which gives you extra columns to use for self- or peer-assessment of courses.