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WSU Tech Course Standards  

Setting a standard for consistency and excellence 

The course standards framework assists faculty in developing consistency in the look and feel of your course, especially hybrid and online courses. This page outlines the required elements of a WSU Tech Course. Standards that were previously marked Recommended will be Required by Fall 2020. 


The checklist is based on the OLC quality standard and was adopted by the WSU Tech Hybrid/Online Committee. The committee members are Shelby Lowen, Jennifer Seymour, Trish Schmidt, Tara Canfield-Weber, Chuck Kauffman, Scott Simpson, Clint Cartwright, Vrenda Pritchard, Kourtney Maison, James Hall, Diana Holladay, Misty Taylor, and Krystal Iseminger.

Contact ITAS at itas@wsutech for additional information or questions. 

WSU Tech Course Design Standards 

Design Standards
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