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HLC: Criteria for Accreditation

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The Criteria for Accreditation are the standards of quality by which HLC determines whether an institution merits accreditation or reaffirmation of accreditation. Criterion 2 is as follows:

Criterion 2. Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct

The institution acts with integrity; its conduct is ethical and responsible.

Core Components

2.A. The institution establishes and follows policies and processes to ensure fair and ethical behavior on the part of its governing board, administration, faculty and staff.​

2.B. The institution presents itself clearly and completely to its students and to the public.

2.C. The governing board of the institution is autonomous to make decisions in the best interest of the institution in compliance with board policies and to ensure the institution's integrity.

2.D. The institution is committed to academic freedom and freedom of expression in the pursuit of truth in teaching and learning.

2.E. The institution's policies and procedures call for responsible acquisition, discovery and application of knowledge by its faculty, staff and students.


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Andy McFayden
Amber Neises

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Criterion History

Last Revised: February 2019, effective September 1, 2020

First Adopted: August 1992

Revision History: Criterion 3 revised August 1998, revised February 2002, revised February 2007; New Criteria for Accreditation adopted February 2003, effective January 2005; New Criteria for Accreditation adopted February 2012, effective January 2013; revised June 2014; revised February 2019, effective September 1, 2020

Notes: Former Policy Number: 1.1(a), 2013 – 1.1 Part A, 1.1 Part B. In February 2021, references to the Higher Learning Commission as “the Commission” were replaced with the term “HLC.”

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