3rd-Party Open Labs

ITAS 3rd-Party Open Lab Dates

ITAS will have virtual Open Labs in August! Come pick Misty's and Casey's brains about 3rd-party integrations in your courses, Simple Syllabus, Zoom, TechSmith Knowmia, and other Blackboard items.

Select the linked date on the day and time of the meeting below to join via Zoom, or enter the Zoom Code provided.

Contact ITAS at itas@wsutech for additional information or questions. 

Monday, August 9: 10-12pm Zoom code: 953 7825 5329

Wednesday, August 11: 4-6pm Zoom code: 973 7369 4798

Thursday, August 12: 1-3pm Zoom code: 952 7816 7216

Monday, August 16: 4-6pm Zoom code: 982 6567 4547

Monday, August 17: 1-3pm Zoom code: 912 50516 586

Monday, August 18: 9-11am Zoom code: 953 9754 2001