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Our Packback Partnership

As a result of strong WSU Tech faculty and student satisfaction, WSU Tech has formed a three-year partnership with Packback to provide use of their platform at no cost to instructors or students.


What is Packback?

Packback Questions is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-supported online discussion platform equipped to save instructors time while maximizing an instructor’s impact. Packback offloads the administrative burden of facilitating high-quality discussion so faculty can focus on what they do best - teaching and engaging! 

Learn More About Packback

Browse the links below to find and register for weekly webinars and national events, get Packback set up for and integrated into your course, and learn how Packback helps you meet Student Learning Outcomes and several WSU Tech Course Standards.

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Packback runs weekly informational sessions to assist faculty in learning about Packback, asking questions to determine if they want to explore it further, and creating the Packback experience in a course. These are your one-stop shops for Packback information and help.


Select the linked title to view the webinar schedule and register for a webinar. 

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Packback also hosts panels and national webinars which range in topic and attendees. There are also on-demand webinars you can highlight.

Select the linked title to view information about all upcoming events and register.

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Packback will be hosting three Community of Practice Sessions from February 24th through August 2nd of 2021. Each session has its own focus but will also be a chance for instructors to ask questions. Two of them are specific to WSU Tech, and one is a national session where you can collaborate with instructors from across the country. 

Select the linked title to view a PDF with information about all three upcoming events. The PDF has registration links as well as survey links to submit desired topics or questions before each session.

Integrating Packback with Blackboard 

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This video tutorial will walk you through the process of setting up and integrating Packback in your Blackboard course(s).

Select the linked title to view the video tutorial. 


Packback, SLOs, and Course Standards


When implemented in your course correctly, Packback can help you meet several Student Learning Outcomes and Hybrid/Online Course Standards. The following document can help you understand what standards and outcomes Packback relates to and how it helps you meet them. 

More About Packback and SLO Rubrics

If you are using Packback, you will need to find the best way to assess the Packback results using the appropriate SLO Rubric. For instance, Packback cannot be used with the Oral Communication rubric, but can be used with the Written Communication rubric and the Problem Solving Rubric.

How the Packback curiosity scores translate to the SLO Rubric you are using may vary depending on the types of assignments and structure of your course. It is important that you do this as soon as possible so you ensure Packback is being implemented in the a correct way to help meet the SLOs.

You can reach out to ITAS for assistance in applying the rubrics to your Packback results.