Assessment & Accreditation




The assessment process is a method of continual improvement of courses, instructional methods, and institutional practices that affect student learning and development. Through assessment, we can identify areas for improvement and “close the loop”. At WSU Tech, assessment in an ongoing process and each program collects and analyzes assessment data each semester. Simply put, assessment ensures that students receive the best education that is held to the highest standards.


Assessment at WSU Tech are led and coordinated by the Director of Assessment & Accreditation. The Director of Assessment & Accreditation organizes training related to assessment, monitoring and tracking assessment data, accreditation, and collaborating with faculty, staff, and administrators to ensure that the college is committed to and engaged in a cycle of continuous improvement.


Accreditation is the process by which colleges and universities in the U.S. go through a comprehensive peer review to ensure that the institution meets common standards. WSU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, which evaluates multiple aspects of the college, including: a) mission, b) integrity, c) governance and administration, d) use of effective teaching practices, and e) finances and resources.

In addition, many of the specialty programs at WSU Tech are accredited by professional associations in their respective disciplines.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

WSU Tech has adopted a set of four student learning outcomes which all students, regardless of program or discipline, are expected to master. These Student Learning Outcomes allow all Technical Programs and General Education Disciplines to cohesively support student learning of core components of education in a manner that prepares them for a 21st -century academic and professional environment.


1. Communication: The student will demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively using written and oral communication.

2. Information Literacy: The student will recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate and use effectively the needed information.


3. Problem Solving: The student will demonstrate the ability to analyze information and solve problems.


4. Workplace Skills: The student will identify and apply workplace skills.

Assessment Information for Faculty

For More Information, Contact:

Dr. Dharma Jairam
Director of Assessment & Accreditation
WSU Tech