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College Students in Classroom

Learning Theories 

How learners interact and digest knowledge

Bloom's Taxonomy is the foundation of curriculum and instruction. The taxonomy moves from recalling facts and details to applying and creating--from basic to advanced skills. Learning theories explain the how and why of learning and the learner's reaction/interaction with instruction. 


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Adult Learning Theory

Adult Learning Theory 

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Principles of Adult Learning Infographic 

Learn the basic principles of teaching adult learners from the infographic. 

Select the linked title to view Principles of Adult Learning Infographic video. 

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Here is an overview of the principles of adult learning theory. 

Select the linked title to review What is Adult Learning Theory? article. 

Bloom's Taxonomy

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This interactive website explains the levels of Bloom's Taxonomy and provides example activities for each level. 

Select the linked title to open the Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Interactive website. 

Bloom's Taxonomy
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This infographic, a visual representation of information, gives an overview of the levels of the taxonomy. 

Select the linked title to view the Bloom's Taxonomy infographic.


This short video describes Bloom's taxonomy and how to use it in desgining lessons.  

Select the linked title to view How to Use Bloom's Taxonomy video. 

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